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The first episode of Fantasy Fiction was posted on 26 August 2013. Since then, a universe has been forged with the magical words, "it's canon".


Episode Date What Happened
1:  8/26/2013 Dom & Josh tell the stories of Throm and the Orc Taint Staff!

2: Weapon Tales

9/2/2013 Josh and Dom write stories about weapons. Buff orcs and vampire teeth. Check it out!!
3: Keep on Wizarding 9/9/2013 Dom and Josh tell tales of wizards! Spells! Sex! Doobies!
4: Tavern Tales 9/16/2013 Dom and Josh tell their tavern stories while they each drink an Old English forty! Spoiler alert: it did not taste good
5: Necromancy 9/23/2013 Dom and Josh share their spooky tales of NECROMANCY! Also, brief mention of the Mighty Max cartoon ...equally as spooky!!
6: Mythical Beasts 9/30/2013 Dom and Josh share their stories of Mythical Beasts. Josh's story has got ghosts in it!
7: Rogues 10/7/2013 Dom and Josh share their stories of rogues, and two wise wizards answer your questions about Orcspire and Daranos!
8: Cursed Books 10/14/2013 PREPARE YOURSELF! You are about to enter the lab of Daranos' GREATEST Alchemist and BONE DUNGEON!!