Throm drawn by Ryan Jampole
Vital statistics
Position Barbarian
Age Old enough for yo momma
Status Unfuckwitable
Physical attributes
Height Tall as shit
Weight Big as fuck

Throm is a wandering Barbarian and one of the main protagonists in Fantasy Fiction. He has a child-like intellect, curiosity and attention-span which juxtapose his deific logic and ability to get out of trouble he creates via his superhuman strength. He is a force of nature and his only allegiance is to himself, therefore he is a protagonist rather than a true hero. Due to his bombastic nature, Throm speaks in Allcaps much like Death from the Discworld series of books. Throm is very earnest and straight-forward despite his penchante for uber-violence which is used for comic effect for him to get the wrong end of the stick to put him in dangerous situations or to create comedic dialogue which is unintentional and unrealised by the character himself e.g. "I AM VICTOR [the winner], BUT MY REAL NAME IS THROM!".

Skills and PowersEdit

Dualwields battleaxes but is highly skilled in unarmed combat. Has superhuman strength as demonstrated by ripping adversaries in half, removing limbs and heads with his bare hands and managing to punch through a thick stone wall in a cave. Throm can also cast spells if using a spell-caster's severed hand as a focus. He does this as if wielding a shotgun for comic effect.

Description in PodcastEdit

"Throm was a Barbarian not too different from the others. Broad shoulders, lack of neck, long metal head hair and wearing just a loincloth that had been washed 'never'. He carried two double edged axes on his back and from time to time would write the word 'Unfuckwiddable' across his chest."


  • 'Throm's Cave Journey' from Episode 1
  • 'The Tale of the Mutilated Warg Tavern' from Episode 4: Tavern Tales
  • 'The Ruins of Brindlemoore' from Episode 10: LICH
  • 'The Skull Harvester' from Episode 20 Blacksmiths & Crypts


  • Throm is a stereotypical Barbarian in the style of Conan the Barbarian and other Low Fantasy stories. The name Throm is a reference to the God called Crom in the Conan universe.
  • Throm's signature scrawling of the word 'Unfuckwitable' on himself is a reference to the hip-hop phrase 'Unfuckwithable' as in 'impossible to be beaten'. It's not known if Dom meant to say 'Unfuckwithable' or whether the joke is that Throm is somehow aware of the phrase but has gotten it wrong.
  • Throm's phrase "I DISCARD HEAD OF ASSHOLE" while playing Ragic in 'The Tale of the Mutilated Warg Tavern' is a reference to the card game Magic: The Gathering and also the anime/card game Yugioh where every character feels the need to explain exactly what they're doing with their cards on their turn.